"Glenn writes a gorgeous lyric. He's a natural wordsmith and his voice is very much his own. That's a rare thing." - Kevin May of The Guggenheim Grotto

"When Glenn sings, he feels it—the music, the song, the lyrics, the truth. You can tell that he sings of a deep and personal truth. Behind the jokes is someone who was meant to play music." - 95.5 WBRU

“Embodies what a real storyteller-songwriter is. Glenn has a gift and a way of connecting with his audience which is unrivaled... He could be the Tom Petty of our generation.” - The Westerly Sun

"Conveys a sense of urgency. You understand Glenn writes because he has to." - Oh So Fresh Music

"Passion that could be felt shining through the performance. Glenn pours himself into every line­ of every song, with a rawness seemingly drawn from his personal experiences." - Pancakes and Whiskey

"Heartfelt and genuine lyrics, with pristine guitar skills." - Vanyaland

"Glenn sings with the sweet eloquence of Bono or Chris Isaak, with fast clean guitar solos like Mark Knopfler." - Soundwaves Magazine

"Honest and genuine lyrics unraveling an inner-monologue propelled by intricate instrumentation." - Through the Ears to the Soul

"Glenn’s tensile, eerie tenor sits atop his muscular keyboard playing like a tern atop a wave. He sings with unselfconscious passion and precision, moving effortlessly into a falsetto that is clear even when he hops from his seat to pound down on the keyboard as if the song inside him is too big for stillness." - Beware The Flabberghast